Security Beefed up in US Capital ahead of Biden inauguration

Washington D.C. is in virtual lockdown as armed state paratroopers guard the US capitol and other major federal buildings. The National Mall is also closed to public. The heightened state of alert came after pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol building as the US lawmakers were ratifying the electoral college win of Joe Biden.

After fiery address outside the White House by President Trump to his supporters, protesters descended on to the capitol to disrupt and allegedly harm the lawmakers whom they saw were officiating a stolen election.

There was no evidence of fraud in US elections, but Trump has persistently told his supporters that his victory was stolen and refused to concede the election. Major social media companies banned Trump on the grounds of inciting violence.

The January 20 inauguration of Biden was overshadowed by the House impeachment of Trump who on Wednesday became the first US president to be impeached twice. All eyes are now on the US senate and whether it will convict him, which requires at least 17 Republican senators to vote for the impeachment and disqualification from ever running any government in the future.

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