Relief after covid-19 vaccine approval

A head-start is an advantage that someone has over other people in something, a term mostly used when referring to a competition or race. However, a head-start in life is far more complex than a linear foot race with a starting and finishing line. It refers to a host of factors that shape our aspiration, attitudes and limit or boost our lifetime performance. The general assumption is that having a head-start early in life gives us a leg up in navigating difficult and unforeseen times that life throws at us. A head-start provides us an inherent advantage which enables us a considerable upward trajectory in our pursuit of success, happiness and leading a life with a meaningful contribution to society and the world..

Critics of the notion that certain groups of society having head-start in life over others argue that it is a powerful determinant of economic outcomes and the ability to move up the social ladder, and that it undermines the notion that every citizen in a particular country has roughly the same chance of achieving economic success. However, proponents of this phenomenon point out that there is nothing wrong with highly accomplished parents providing their children with opportunities that help them stay in the top of their game through all stages of life. They also emphasise that a critical intervention in the formative years of our children is necessary if we want to prepare them for a competitive world.

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