Power blackout deepen South Africa’s energy crisis

Widespread national blackouts have continued to affect South African cities and towns.

2023 saw the worst energy crisis in Africa’s most industrialised nation, with blackouts ranging from one to ten hours.

Eskom, the state-owned power company, stated that the blackouts have been caused by capacity and technical issues.

Many observers point to corruption and mismanagement at Eskom to be the greatest contributor to the country energy crisis.

Labour strikes, ageing infrastructure and the failure of constructing and operationalising new power stations have also exacerbated the problem.

The power blackouts have negatively affected businesses and daily life. Many small businesses have been forced to lay off staff due to reduced productivity.

For others, it has been a matter of life and death, with some hospitals struggling to carry out necessary medical procedures.

According to the South Africa Central Bank, power cuts are expected to shave off 2 percentage points from GDP this year.

The country’s lucrative mining industry is expected to lose the most from the crisis.

Experts have long suggested the construction of additional modern power stations and generators to meet the growing energy demand.

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