Pitch -Sky Sports New Focus Fund by Hamse Abdilahi

I am a London-based film-maker who is also the Director of the Aliberg Production Co. Ltd.

I want to make a documentary on why some young athletes make a breakthrough in their sports career while others fail to do so.

Is it a matter of luck or just incredible pure or raw talent? Is it a matter of connection and networking and getting the boost of an important person taking a chance on you? Or is it just being spotted by someone and then giving you a platform? Is it just a combination of some or all of the above? Is it simply a mystery why two people of similar talent turn to have two different outcomes in their careers, as one fails and the other rises to greatness?

I want to interview athletes who had big breaks in their sports careers and went on to become elite and top sports figures.

I also want to speak with athletes who were promising at one time in their sports career but never got their big breaks.

While I want to feature mostly black athletes, but not exclusively, I also want to go beyond the issue of race and class on the different outcomes of young aspiring sports athletes in the UK.

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