My personal experience of the recent UK heatwave

I weighed my personal discomfort with hot weather against the plight of the homeless, the two are incomparable.

I bunkered down in my London flat to escape the heatwave, heeding the national warning issued a few days before the record-breaking heatwave. I hate very hot weather. My flat is already overheated. And when the warning was issued, I went into panic mode. How can I cope with this with unusually hot weather in an overheated flat? I asked myself. But I had no option but to stay calm and buy two more fans despite already having one.

And when the dreaded Tuesday came, it didn’t take long when I realised that I am having a tough day. Having three fans in my flat didn’t even help. I tried my best take multiple showers and drink a lot of water. Despite all the coping mechanism I deployed, I could not shake a feeling of regret in my head: why didn’t I buy a portable air conditioner before the summer started? I asked myself. I blamed myself for being unnecessarily underprepared for this unusually hot summer.

It was clear that a feeling of regret won’t help in the UK’s hottest day ever. Then I remembered the plight of the homeless in the country. According to most studies on UK homelessness, it’s tragically on the rise. The housing crisis also continue to get worse. Many people do not even have a home to shield from the intense heat. Then I realised that my frustration with my overheated flat, which is a problem only in the summer, is nothing compared to experiencing a heatwave on the street. And as the sunset and a cooler weather set in, I was mighty grateful that I have got a roof over my head.

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